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Surviving Summer: Balancing Energy Efficiency and IAQ

As beautiful as our Australian Summers are, we all know that they also bring about heatwaves, humidity, storms, and bushfires. As we try to keep the effects of the extreme weather outside and regulate our indoor environments, the energy costs generated by our HVAC systems can very easily rise by 30-50%. However, with the right equipment and advice from your contractors and technicians, this impact can be greatly reduced, leaving you to enjoy Summer without all the nasty surprises.

We would like to share some tips for surviving Summer, so we’ve prepared a mini checklist that you can use to find out if your system is prepared:



Cleaning your air conditioner regularly allows it to perform more efficiently by reducing the stress and pressure that a build-up of dust and dirt & microbial growth can put on your unit. If filters get clogged and dirty, the normal flow of air is reduced, making your unit work harder than it should and increase energy costs significantly.

Make sure to check:

  • Is your outdoor unit clean and free from debris/dirt?
  • Is your indoor coil clean?
  • Have you checked your ducts/vents to make sure they’re not obstructed or dirty?
  • Have you got clean filters to help tackle harmful particles such as bushfire smoke?


HVAC Operation

Your air conditioning unit may appear to be operating as it should and achieving your ideal indoor environment and temperature, but there’s a chance it may be struggling. Make sure to regularly service your unit to check if it is running correctly – if you can’t remember when you last serviced it, chances are you are due for one!

Additionally, make sure your unit is sized correctly for the space and amount of people in it and that you have adequate airflow in your rooms.


Beating the heat

Another tip for improving the efficiency of your air conditioning unit is to try to reduce the heat load from sunlight through your windows with curtains/blinds. This will make it easier on your system to regulate your indoor environment to your desired comfort level.

Make sure to check whether your outdoor unit in direct sunlight or shaded. Just like us, it will perform better with a bit of shade!


Of course, these are some basic tips to help you start thinking about preparing for summer. Please seek additional input and advice from your HVAC technician. Act now to keep your IAQ safe & healthy and keep your energy efficiency under control.