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Moisture Meters vs. Thermal Imaging Cameras

When the moisture level in a building is too high, harmful microbial growth may occur and affect the health of your building occupants.

Moisture meters are thermal cameras are essential tools used in detecting and measuring levels of moisture within a building so that moisture issues can be identified and dealt with quickly – but what is the difference and which one should you use?

Moisture Meters 

There are two types of moisture meters – pinless and pin-type.

Pinless moisture meters are non-invasive devices made for taking quick measurements to locate moisture. Pinless meters confirm the presence of moisture within its depth of measurement using radio frequencies. The readings are qualitative and help you highlight areas of concern quickly.

On the other hand, Pin-type moisture meters provide quantitative readings. They are tools that measure the actual moisture content within a material. Pin-type meters assess moisture by measuring the electrical resistance between its pins, using the board as an element in a circuit. This ability to precisely detect water damage and moisture pockets within a surface can save thousands in repairs.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal Imaging cameras, although quite different to moisture meters, also help you to locate the presence of moisture in a building. These devices detect differences in surface temperature – which can be used to detect areas with moisture issues as areas affected by moisture appear to cooler on the camera’s screen.

Thermal imaging cameras are a tool to help make inspections easier – they are not necessarily a completely accurate way to detect moisture in a building. They only give an indication of temperature differences, which can be caused by factors other than moisture such as issues with insulation.

Which one should I use?

When it comes to inspecting buildings, both moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras pair well together. Using the two types of devices together can speed up the process of identifying and verifying moisture related issues in a building. Thermal imaging cameras can quickly locate areas of concern which can then be measured using moisture meters to determine the severity of the issue, which can then be dealt with effectively.

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