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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Rental Properties

By: uHoo Business

When you’re showing your rental property to your prospective tenant, you don’t want your visitors to feel uncomfortable and consider your place as unpleasant and stuffy — which is an indication that no fresh and healthy indoor air quality recirculates.

Poor indoor air quality, or indoor air pollution as called by others is a major factor in an individual’s risk of respiratory ailments, it can worsen asthma symptoms and can trigger allergic reactions. Poor IAQ can also contribute to the growth and spread of airborne diseases such as the coronavirus and SARS.

The inadequacy of healthy air and the increasing complaints caused by it can lead to poor tenant reviews and can lower the number of leases. Luckily there are simple ways that property owners and renters can do to improve their IAQ:

Make sure to clean carpets and furniture regularly

Carpets and furniture can trap dust and other air pollutants. Vacuuming them with HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters is highly effective.

Control humidity

Unmanaged humidity not only impacts the comfort of the people within a space, it can also contribute to the growth of mold and mildew. To keep humidity in its optimal level, rental property owners should install a humidification and dehumidification system.

Replace air filters regularly

Air filters trap and hold particles and other contaminants that can affect health and comfort. When not inspected, maintained, or replaced when needed, the pollutants collected by air filters tend to stay within the area and spread through the air.

Indoor air quality monitoring

Indoor air quality monitoring is the process of  continuously collecting data on the factors affecting air health such as gasses, particles, and chemicals. By having accurate and real-time information about these IAQ factors, rental property owners can make more informed decisions and establish unique strategies to fix the air quality within their buildings.

Invest in better indoor air quality and show your renters and potential clients how your rental space is safer, healthier, and greener than the other built environments around you.

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