About Us

IAQ Ventilation is a leading supplier of world class indoor air quality systems and solutions.

Founded in 2020, as part of the Bulcs Holdings Group, our vision is to create indoor environments where people and places thrive with cleaner, healthier air. 

Working with both professionals and practitioners, IAQ Ventilation consults to leading organisations to help them develop a solution to meet their indoor air quality goals.

From indoor air quality sensors and monitors, ERV ventilation solutions, dehumidifiers, air cleaners and air purification technology, IAQ Ventilation is a one stop shop for all your indoor air quality needs.


With a strong focus on creating healthier buildings, we are committed to being at the forefront of indoor environment quality research and training.

In 2022, it was announced that Bulcs Holdings will be actively involved as an industry research partner with Queensland University of Technology.

QUT Distinguished Professor Lidia Morawska will lead a new $5 million training centre to reduce airborne infections through improved indoor air quality for better public health in new building systems.

The Australian Research Council (ARC) Training Centre for Advanced Building Systems Against Airborne Infection Transmission aims to reduce airborne infection transmission by improving indoor air quality while maintaining comfort and efficiency.

Professor Morawska said researchers had been emphasising the need for a public health revolution in relation to indoor air quality for a long time.

“I firmly believe the centre will be a catalyst for revolution and bring us closer to clean indoor air becoming the norm,” Professor Morawska said.

“Our work will see Australian building system manufacturing companies, working alongside international companies, as forerunners in establishing the new norm.”


Working with both professionals and practitioners, we consult to leading organisations to help develop a solution to meet their indoor air quality goals.

With over 20 years’ experience in the building restoration arena, co-founders Ivi Sims and Melissa Marot understand first hand the challenges in creating healthier buildings.

Every building is unique, and it can be overwhelming deciding on the right products for your property. The team at IAQ Ventilation can guide you and help you select the best products to meet your indoor air quality goals.

To learn more about our Advisory and Consulting services, contact us at hello@bulcsholdings.com.au and one of our Technical Specialists will be in touch.

Who We Work With

IAQ Ventilation works with facility managers, IAQ professionals, property developers and homeowners alike to deliver cost effective and energy efficient solutions.

We work with our clients to identify the best solution based on their current and future needs across industrial, commercial and residential applications – including education, healthcare, transport and agriculture.

We help optimise the health of indoor spaces with world class technical equipment to analyse, assess, test and measure indoor air. We can provide innovative solutions that prevent pathogens, viruses, bacteria, mould, particles, dust and odours in your indoor environment. From portable units for your home to retrofitted ventilation systems for your building.

We also provide workshops and on-site training to assist your team in achieving best results.

Our Team

IAQ Ventilation understands the science of clean air. Our team provide engineered indoor air quality, with expert integrated solutions.

With over 20 years practical experience in the restoration and remediation industry, co-founders Ivi Sims and Melissa Marot understand first-hand the challenges that buildings face due to poor indoor air quality, ventilation, and humidity control. As a result, they have collaborated with leading global brands to source an extensive range of proven technology to create healthier buildings with a focus on indoor environment quality.

Bulcs Holdings Group

Bulcs Holdings is a leading distributor of indoor air quality, remediation and building restoration solutions across Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Bulcs Holdings partners with leading global suppliers to offer the best products and solutions for the industry. Underpinned by a strong focus on evidence-based research, consulting, and training, Bulcs prides itself on being at the forefront of indoor environment quality technology to create healthier buildings.