The importance of Indoor Air Quality for childcare, aged care and care facilities

Health, peace of mind and energy savings

Our most vulnerable need the most care: its critical to provide healthy, clean environments in child care, aged care and residential facilities to care and protect occupants and their families. This is also critical for your staff.

Air cleaning and ventilation is critical in the child-care and aged care environment. Infection and air pollutant control is important not just on surfaces, but also for aerosolised pathogens (e.g. SARS-Cov-2), particles and pollutants.

Indoor air quality is a growing concern in our daycare and residential care facilities. IAQ Ventilation provides care facilities with a healthier indoor environment as well as deep energy savings and reduced operating expenses. Clean, ventilated and well managed indoor air brings comfort and peace of mind to you, your staff and your clients and their families.

Indoor Air Quality is dynamic. Continuous monitoring allows you to track changes based on time, occupancy and building activity. This allows you to proactively manage airborne pathogens, odours, mould, and pollutants – clean and well ventilated air to meet compliance and health needs.

IAQ Ventilation provides the latest technology, integrated solutions to meet your needs. From portable units to retrofitted ventilation systems – solutions that boost the efficiency of your HVAC systems and bring energy savings.

Energy Savings

Our solutions improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, lowering energy costs (proven up to 30%) and improving your carbon footprint.

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The Life Cycle of Air

IAQ Ventilation has designed an 8-stage process for improving the indoor air quality in your building, “The Life Cycle of Air”.

This multi-layered approach to improving indoor air quality recognises that every building is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on your specific needs, a combination of the right monitoring systems, ventilation, humidity control, HVAC systems and air purification technology can deliver safer, healthier air for your occupants. 

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