Indoor Air Quality in Schools, Universities and Education Facilities

Why is indoor air quality important in schools?

Good indoor air quality in schools create a healthy environment for learning and performance for students and staff – building a sense of comfort, health and wellbeing. This helps you meet your core purpose – quality education.

World Health Organisation guidelines show the health impacts of a satisfactory indoor air quality environment, such as maximum CO2 concentrations and best airflow rates. IAQ Ventilation provides world class equipment that ventilates and purifies air, meeting expert guidelines. We also measure and monitor indoor air quality, such as CO2 concentration, to help maintain healthy air.

Research shows the effects that a building environment has on productivity and health. Emerging standards, such as WELL and RESET, work to address levels of volatile compounds, moisture and particles in the built environment.

With over 25 years of experience, we provide solutions that prevent pathogens, viruses, bacteria, mould, particulates and odours in your buildings, offices and educational spaces.

Our solutions clean, ventilate and monitor indoor air quality – from portable air purifiers, ventilation systems and units retrofitted into your existing HVAC systems.

Cost effective and budget conscious.

Energy Savings

Our solutions improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, lowering energy costs (proven up to 30%) and improving your carbon footprint.

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The Life Cycle of Air

IAQ Ventilation has designed an 8-stage process for improving the indoor air quality in your building, “The Life Cycle of Air”.

This multi-layered approach to improving indoor air quality recognises that every building is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on your specific needs, a combination of the right monitoring systems, ventilation, humidity control, HVAC systems and air purification technology can deliver safer, healthier air for your occupants. 

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