MIA Ductless Un-Directional Fan




MIA unidirectional flow wall mounted fan. With particulate PM2.5 display air purifier, for indoor fresh air for your home or work space. Japanese quality, budget effective.

“0” PM2.5 Extremely Pure Air

European standard H13 high efficency ≥ 99.97%
Washable Energy Recovery Exchanger
The PSY high thermal conductivity of molecular material, developed by Japanese DR team, has high energy recovery efficiency. It can exchange both temperature and humidity.
Ultra-quiet and energy-saving
MIA ventilation equipment: small power, large air flow, super silent. Originated from 1983s, MIA ventilation equipment have entered the market over 30 years.
Model MIA-S200BGL
Voltage 220V
Power 28W
Volume 200m³/h
Size  402x547x190mm
Noise 22~28dB(A)