MIA-AHE35CGLB, ERV/HRV Ventilation System




350cm3/h Vertical Cabinet Type Heat Recovery Ventilator System. This unit is using high speed AC outer motor fan - Activated Carbon Filter and HEPA H13 Filter. High Speed External Rotor Motor - Japan NMB bearings, life more than 80, 000 hours. Ultra-long warranty.

• PSY high thermal conductivity molecular materials, ultra-high heat recovery efficiency
• High efficiency Particulate Air Filter
• Activated Carbon Filter and HEPA H13 Filter
• AC outer motor fan
• 10 years Warranty

Voltage 220V/50HZ
Power 230W
Static Pressure 325Pa
Volume: 350 m3/h
Efficiency: 85%-87.5%
Noise: 31-33 dBA
Filters: Activated carbon filter and H13 high efficiency filter: PM2.5 purification rate is ≥99.97%
Dimension 82.5 cm x 27.0 cm x 55.1 cm
10 years Warranty