MIA-100SFJ/MINI High Efficiency Silent Duct Fan




MIA-100SFJ/Mini is a high efficiency silent duct fan with 4 inch centrifugal tube extractor fan. This unit have AC inner motor fan with more than 80,000 hours life. The wall-mounted fresh air system is equipped with a low-noise fan for quiet operation. The full heat exchange core made of special materials can exchange temperature and humidity, achieve energy saving and control indoor temperature and humidity.

• Early Effect+ Activated Carbon
• High efficiency Particulate Air Filter
• High-voltage Electrostatic Dust
• AC inner motor fan
• 10 years Warranty

Voltage 220V/50HZ
Power 16W
Static Pressure 95Pa
Volume: 100m3/h
Noise 24 dB(A)
Motor AC inner motor fan
Weight 2.4kg
Duct size 10 cm φd
Warranty 10 years