MIA Cabinet Type Multiple Filtered Energy Recovery Ventilator




MIA Air Recuperator Double flow Heat Recovery Ventilation HRV/MVHR Balanced Pressure Ventilation Systems MIA-AHE600L 600m3/h

‘0’PM2.5 Extremely Pure Air

European standard H13 high efficiency > 99.97%


Inner Loop Mode

Directly draws dirty air into the machine for filtration when outdoor vents are closed. Filtered fresh air will be directed into the room to achieve rapid air purification.


Bypass Mode

Activate bypass mode with one button to close the heat recovery process.


UV Disinfection

Effectively inhibit bacteria from spreading indoors.


Model MIA-AHE600L
Voltage 220V
Power 162W
Volume 600m³/h
Pressure  280Pa
Efficiency 88.3%~91.5%
Noise 28-37 dB(A)