MIA-AHE15N HRV/ERV Ventilation System




MIA-AHE15N is a ceiling mounted ERV unit with Energy Recovery Exchanger. Energy recovery ventilator can exhaust the polluted air indoor out of room, meanwhile supplying the fresh air from outside into the room, by using the advanced ERV technology, the energy can exchange taking advantage of the difference of the temperature and humidity between indoor and outdoor air. By this ways, It can not only eliminate the problem of indoor pollution, but also can save energy.

• Early Effect+ Activated Carbon
• High efficiency Particulate Air Filter
• High-voltage Electrostatic Dust
• AC inner motor fan
• 10 years Warranty

Voltage 220V/50HZ
Power 70W
Static pressure 115Pa
Effiency 88%-96%
Volume: 150m3/h
Noise 26 dB(A)
Motor AC inner motor fan
Weight 19.5 kg
Duct size 12 cm φd
External Dimensions 78 cm x 51.4 cm x 18.6 cm
Warranty 10 years