ECOR Dry 25 DryFan 35 Litre Desiccant Dehumidifier




Highly compact dehumidifier for its 25 litre capacity. Ideal for flood drying, building maintenance and storage. Steel inside and out, with a tough epoxy paint finish. Free standing or installed. No water is produced and moisture is vented away.

• Ideal for Flood Restoration, Dry Stores & Property Protection
• 35 litre Desiccant Dehumidifier 220V / 50Hz
• Free Standing or Installed
• Steel Inside & Out Tough Enough Even for Hiring or Restoration
• 4 Hole Dehumidifier (2 separate fans inside – one for process air, one for regen air)
• Perfect for any climate

Weight 19.8 kg
Dimensions 55 cm x 41 cm x 47 cm
Technology Desiccant
Max Extract 35 Litres /74 pints
Power / Voltage 900W, 220V / 50Hz, 3.5A
Power Cord length 5 m
Colour Yellow Black / Mild Steel Epoy Paint
Duct Sizes 80mm – 125mm
Swimming Pool Ready No
Humidistat Option Yes
Fan Speeds / Sound 1 / 56dB
Operating Temperature -20°C to 40°C
Water Tank No
Worked with DC-AC coverter Yes
Airflow (m3/hr) 380 process / 75 exhaust
Material Mild steel expoxy coated
Approval CE