Dustblocker Medi Pro 25




UV-C Air Purifier with advanced HEPA Filter, G4, Carbon Filter, 2000m3/h, 230v. Medical Grade Air purfication/Ventialtion System with Santizing VU light and REAL HEPA 14 with carbon Filter.

MAXVAC Dustblockers are well proven high performance air cleaners that use advanced HEPA filtration to remove 99.995% of airborne dust. The new MEDI range incorporates proven Pat. Pending UV-C (Ultra Violet) Sterilisation Technology to kill or inactivate bacteria by disrupting their DNA to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and viruses like COVID-19. These units are entirely safe for use in occupied areas as all UV-C rays are completely concealed.

G4 Filter

  • The G4 filter purifies the air up to 90%. All dust particles 5 μm or larger are removed here.

HEPA Filter

  • The HEPA filter removes up to 99.995% of micro particles larger than 0.01 μm.

Carbon Filter

  • The carbon filter remove pollutants, VOCs and unpleasant odors from the air.
  • These are gaseous substances that mechanical filters G4 and H13 HEPA filters cannot remove.

UV-C Sterilizer

  • Powerful 100% concealed ozone-free UV-C lamps deliver killer rays to destroy viruses & bacteria by disrupting their DNA and help prevent the spread of virus and infectious diseases, but does not replace the need to take other precautions.‍


Advantages of the MEDI 25:

  • Huge Air Filtration Volume from 500 – 2000m3/hr
  • Purifies and disinfects the air up to 99.999%
  • Destroys bacteria and virus DNA
  • Intelligent filter monitoring
  • Reduces spread of bacteria, viruses & germs
  • Positive effect on your health
  • Can help remove Inhalation allergies
  • 100% Safe use of UV-C as ISO 15858
  • Compact high performance mobile units
  • Filters are tested to: ISO 16890 -1:2016 /
  • EN1822-1:2019‍

Voltage: 230V

Total Power: 361W

Air Flow Rate incl. Filters: 500 – 2000m3/h

Filter Type: G4 HEPA 13 Carbon UV-C

Lifetime UV-C: 8000h

Noise Level: (dB(A)30 ~ 67

Dimensions (cm): 65w x 55d x 115h

Weight: 56Kg

Filter Full: Red Signal / Beep

Filter Leak: Orange signal / Beep