Dustblocker Medi 10




Medical Grade Air purfication/Ventialtion System with Santizing VU light and REAL HEPA 14 with carbon Filter.

MAXVAC Dustblockers are well proven high-performance air cleaners that use advanced HEPA filtration to remove 99.995% of airborne dust.

The new MEDI 10 kills or inactivates bacteria by disrupting their DNA to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and viruses through proven Patent Pending UV-C (Ultra Violet) Sterilisation Technology. These units are entirely safe for use in occupied areas as all UV-C rays are completely concealed.

The MEDI 10 is quiet, powerful and effective. It is currently installed in Hospitals, Healthcare and Public Spaces across Australia, UK and Europe.  It has been developed for public spaces such as Schools, Colleges, Offices, Clinics, Hospitals, Care Homes, Pharmacies Laboratories or any indoor area where there could be nasty airborne micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, dust mites & spores, and render them unable to reproduce.

These powerful air cleaners have a huge Air Filtration Volume @ 1300m3/hr and are designed to run 24 / 7 to purify the air and create a healthy living environment, however they do not displace the need for essential sanitising and disinfecting of surfaces.

Carbon Filter

  • The carbon filter remove pollutants, VOCs and unpleasant odors from the air.
  • These are gaseous substances that mechanical filters G4 and H13 HEPA filters cannot remove.


UV-C Sterilizer

  • Powerful 100% concealed ozone-free UV-C lamps deliver killer rays to destroy viruses & bacteria by disrupting their DNA and help prevent the spread of virus and infectious diseases, but does not replace the need to take other precautions.‍


G4 Filter

  • The G4 filter purifies the air up to 90%. All dust particles 5 μm or larger are removed here.


HEPA Filter

  • The HEPA filter removes up to 99.995% of micro particles larger than 0.01 μm.


Advantages of the MEDI 10:

  • Variable Air Filtration Volume from 700 – 1,300m3/hr
  • 3 Speed levels
  • Purifies and disinfects the air up to 99.999%
  • Destroys bacteria and virus DNA
  • Intelligent filter monitoring
  • Remote Control
  • Reduces spread of bacteria, viruses & germs
  • Positive effect on your health
  • Can help remove Inhalation allergies
  • 100% Safe use of UV-C as ISO 15858
  • Compact high performance mobile units
  • Filters are tested to: ISO 16890 -1:2016 /
  • EN1822-1:2019

Voltage: 230 Volt

Power: 200 W

Air Flow (incl. Filters): 700 – 1’300 m3/h

Filter Type: G3 / HEPA H13 / Carbon / UV-C

Room Size: 70 – 260m3

Warranty: 24 Months

Noise Level: 59 dB(A)

Weight: 43 Kg

Dimensions: 485 x 485 x 1020 mm